Technical specialist for leather production and tannery

For 2017 we have already given our training places.

Here awaits you a very exciting and varied field of work!

Tanner are tough. They prepare animal skins in such a way that they can be further processed as leather. Without Tanner it would not be every season new shoes, bags, jackets or leather furniture in the shops and no cars with leather equipment! You can not imagine so much under the job yet? Then look at the following movies!

You have a good hand, a good physical condition and like working in a team? You are not afraid of an active handling of raw material? In addition, are you capable of working as a team, reliable and interested in science subjects like chemistry and physics? Then apply now!

Prerequisites for the training as Tanner is a good Certificate of Secondary Education.

The training period is 3 years with the possibility to shorten to 2½ years. The training takes place in the dual system, vocational school as block teaching is twice a year in Reutlingen.

After successful apprenticeship and 1 year of professional experience, an advanced training as a chemical industrial engineer is possible!

If we have aroused your interest, do not hesitate and send your complete application to the address below. Your contact person is Susanne Zervos, who will gladly answer your questions about the training.

If you have any questions regarding the subject of education, please contact:

Vocational training

Frau Susanne Zervos
Tel. +49 5533 9702 215

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Susanne Zervos
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